About Us


At Golden Vista, we pride ourselves on our experienced and professional staff, dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences. In the lively Docas of Santo Amaro, our karaoke haven has become a cherished part of Lisbon’s soul, offering unforgettable memories through captivating entertainment, mouth-watering food, and exquisite cocktails.

Our state-of-the-art karaoke system and inviting atmosphere have secured Golden Vista’s place as a standout destination in Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife. We’re committed to making your nights unforgettable for many years to come.

Riverside Views

Embrace Golden Vista's stunning riverside setting, offering a picturesque waterfront escape in Lisbon's vibrant Docas of S. Amaro.

Friendly Staff

Feel welcomed and cared for by our warm-hearted, passionate team, providing friendly service and ensuring unforgettable experiences.

Exotic Ambiance

Step into a captivating world, where vibrant red lanterns, neon lights, and traditional decor converge to craft an immersive atmosphere.

Magical Karaoke

Immerse yourself in a captivating karaoke journey, where electrifying sing-alongs and unforgettable harmonies take center stage.

Flavorful Fusion

Enjoy a culinary adventure, featuring delicious Chinese delights and a savory fusion of flavors that will fascinate your taste buds.

Amazing place for dinner with friends. Excellent for groups. Good food and excellent service! Great karaoke app and stage.

Pedro Canto e Castro 5 Stars

With few reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect from this restaurant but was happily impressed! My table ordered the restaurant take on a moscow mule, the shrimp crisps, mapo tofu, and hongshao eggplant. Everything was delicious! Our waitress noticed that we were ordering foods without meat and was able to have the mapo tofu cooked without meat. Portions were perfect and the service was great! Definitely give this place a try!

Ryan Lott 5 Stars

What a fantastic night! We just came across this by chance, it was so much fun. I think this was one of the best nights of the holiday. Great cocktails, great atmosphere, great karaoke songs! We were so nervous to get up but the staff and people were supportive - fantastic night. Thank you so much

Georgina Hopkinson 5 Stars

Golden Vista Karaoke is a must visit in Lisbon, always nice service with authentic East Asian cuisine and a wonderful atmosphere. Perfect place to bring new friends and old friends.

Ida Antonsson 5 Stars

Came here on karaoke night and had the best time. The food was incredible, the drinks were even better, but the atmosphere during karaoke took the cake. I was even able to convince my partner to sing with me and they had a great time, despite swearing they would never karaoke. The staff is extremely friendly, and the karaoke host knows how to keep the party going.

Cassandra 5 Stars

Fantastic location, view over the harbour and of the bridge. Service was friendly and incredibly quick! The food was super tasty and portions are plentiful. Would happily come and eat here again.

Kathryn Gosby 5 Stars

The food was reaaaally good! And the team is really nice, everyone was very welcoming and smiling! Don't hesitate!!

Jordan Limousin 5 Stars

My new favorite place in Lisbon! The food is good, some dishes were delicious, some other were ok, the girls at the karaoke are very nice, entertaining and so good at singing in the few moments where nobody else is on stage. We were 5 and we had so much fun!

Julia Barbini 5 Stars